The Devil I Care

In the depths of the ocean, I dived with valor

To the seventh sky, I flew with apparent stupor

I went to the end of the world itself

From heaven to hell, I searched myself

Where light merged into hazy darkness

When the dark clashed with pitch whiteness

Within the heart and the realms of intellect

Demonic sparks were the only treasures to collect

Oh mighty human above, avert your stare

Remember me or forget, the devil I care


Orgin – To Read or Not to Read

Origin by Dan Brown – Is it worth reading? *No Spoilers*

I have heard a lot of people bad mouth Dan Brown for what a bad writer he is. For me, he’s always been a great writer because he always comes up with a new adventure for his readers. It’s like travelling across those breathtaking mountains, running across the streets of distinct cultures, taking a whiff of stunning art and whatnot. 😍

I love Dan Brown’s books because with every new addition he brings a new personality for us to obssess over. Throughout the book, I kept thinking about what a great movie it would make, with stunning architect by Gaudi and Langdon’s yet another adventure. I couldn’t help but search every single artifact he introduces, those Gaudi creations and mesmerizing nature. I, quite frankly, fell in love with Spain and it’s culture. Now I have another location marked on the globe, to consider for travelling.😅
The book was fast paced and thrilling no doubt. I kind of predicted the end though from the middle of the book, which is surprising because with Brown’s previous books I wasn’t able to guess the ending.
I loved how Origin ended with a note of the morality, which is primarily becoming one of the most sought out questions at present. Where is AI actually going to take us and how it will affect the already dwindling moral compass of people?
Undoubtedly, the discovery in Origin was a great modeling of what the future could bring us.

Eyes of the Heart

Do you know why some eyes are so silent,
They deafen you with the deadly lack of sound
Do you know how some eyes are so vacant,
Their agony crawls towards the brim, threatening to give out

The storms she was fighting within
Turned her eyes to reflect deadly calm
The sounds, the noises, the voices in her head
Raged around the corner of her eyes, silencing them

What was this weight taken root within her heart?
The roaring numbness, deafening her feelings
Rushing inside to wreak havoc on her soul

Possible, was it; the mating of numbness and feelings?

The Labyrinth

A castle full of madness

Where sanity is a taboo

All rooms full of sadness

Where joy can no longer woo

A moat outside, full of darkness

The presence of light at much ado

Lands beside, crying of barrenness

All hopes dead, no longer due

Once where was festive noisiness

Silence made its fascinating debut

All depths forgotten in starkness

When everyone focused at apparent view

I thought myself to the point of madness

A pretentious smile but I drew

Was it melancholy or the deeper end of sadness?

As the labyrinth of emotions grew

World Moved on Without Me

As the spears sharpened their edges on my flesh;
Each deepening as the bold gash spewed red blush

Spectators expected me to cry out my innermost nightmares
Ready to pounce in any bit that might leak from unshed tears

Not a single gash was released from my stitched lips
As another dart pierced the soft skin, revealing the tattered rips

Unfazed, I went ahead with my impossible journey
Armed with a secret smile, I swiveled the gurney

Another hit and the ground beneath shook with violent fervor
Air cackled dubiously as the shadows of past hover

Battling the wars of good, evil and the grey area amidst;
I lost a limb or two, jammed with internal injuries, if you get the gist

The celebration of truimph came to an end with an astonished jolt
Indifferent to my suffering, the world didn’t even feel a tiny halt

Who is she? Is that you or me?

I have no name and I have no age
I have no color and I have no race

I have a body and a gender I share
With million others, you choose to stare

I have a soul and a head, full of ideas
But wait, o Society, what do you care?

I have but one thing you seem to desire
Miles of bare skin; that’s your to stare?

That bit above collar and a peeking ankle
Oh my Lord, I sent a provocative glare

Accused a man you vile dame, how dare?
Eye that innocent can’t stray without being aware?

A car slowing down, hardly a feat to fear
Heart skips a beat, or thousand yet; hardly a scare

You’re attractive as hell, worth a touch and stare
What lost did you from a gentleman’s care